Not A Bubble Bath Type Of Girl?

Not A Bubble Bath Type Of Girl?

Everyone has their preference for unwinding and feeling clean at the same time. For some it's a long bubble bath and for others, it's hot shower until the water runs cold (And some even enjoy icy showers!)

But bath tub aficionados are missing out on very fun bath time self-care treats. Shower Friends don't get to know the bliss of a fizzing bath bomb turning colors, foaming and sometimes bubbling up their bath tubs full of fragrance and skin loving oils and butters. Shower Friends never bathed like Cleopatra with her milk and honey baths or Marylin Monroe's bubbles and floating rose petals.

Shower Friends, you don't have to miss out. You can turn ANY bath time self-care treat into a cozy little tub for you tootsies toes. And pssst! You will have a lot more of that treat left than your Bathtub Pals so you can indulge that treat probably tenfold. 

Footbath? Yes, footbaths are excellent for self-care, don't' last as long and can enjoy one about anytime you want. They are beneficial too. After a long day of work or activity, it feels great to get off your feet. For some, soaking them in a nice water bath is even better. But why is that? Because it feels nice? For many generations, soaking feet has been a therapeutic practice to help ease sore, achy sensations. 

The benefits of soaking your feet are, relaxation, improved circulation, and skin softening, especially if you apply a rich body butter on your feet after a footbath. Footbaths as said, are relaxing, and near bedtime foot soaks may help you sleep better at night. 

However, there can be side effects too, such as loss of sensation so people with diabetes, neuropathy and foot infections should talk to their physician first. Another side effect, if you over do it or your feet are sensitive, your feet can become irritated, dried out and crack. 

 There can be many benefits to soaking your feet. Just make sure you practice safety and remain mindful of any potential risks.  

Cajun Prairie Soap Co has many different self-care bath treats to make into a relaxing, fragrant, bubbly and fizzy footbath with many more on the way! 

Cookies & Milk Bubble Bath come in a variety of fragrances, Orange Buttercream, Raspberry Vanilla, Chocolate Amber, Rose Meringue and Vanilla Funfetti. They contain milk or coconut milk, sea salt and foaming cocoa butter bath melt "cookie" you can crumble into your milk footbath. 



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