"That bubble bath looks like a cookie!"

"Oh, my, it smells like a cookie!"

And what do I say to those exclamations about my handmade bath & body products? DO NOT EAT! You'll have a mouth full of bubbles!

So, why do most of Cajun Prairie Soap Co's bath and body have a theme of delicious food? Because I am inspired by the fragrances and colors of my products. Almost every fragrance in my line of products has tasty-sounding names, mostly treats, and what is "me time"? It's a treat we mostly deny ourselves, but we should indulge more often for our mental health. 

You may say, I don't have time for "me time".

But you really do. You bathe every day, don't you? Yes, that's "me time", even if it's only ten minutes of your day, that's it. Take advantage of it while you have it. Grab yourself some decadent foaming sugar scrub, exfoliate, and then slather on some rich, fragrant body butter afterward because I make that too in some of the yummiest scents ever! 


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